Power Groups

Listen to Learn and Learn to Listen

Peer Support at its Best

Imagine  comfortable a room at home, with a few select people, that really give you space to explore your own thinking, they don’t judge you and that space alone helps you gain clarity, focus and understanding of yourself and exactly what you would like to have happen. A space where even your best friends hold back opinions and advice or suggestions, because they have that trust and knowing belief that you can find your own solutions.

There can be times when you find yourself thinking I know what they need to do and we invite you to consider;

Is that great piece of advice something that you have to consider for yourself?

Be curious about what you tell others to do. Have you ever found yourself giving someone else really great advice and then thinking blimey I should do that.

Power Groups allow you to hear great solutions and time to reflect on the advice you would give others. You will learn from your own mistakes and the mistakes of others. Imagine if you could learn without the pain. How much money you could save?

How much more time would you have to do the things that you love?

How much better would your relationships be, both in your personal and business life?

When you can hear your own thoughts and your own advice things just happen, life is easy and things flow.

So if you want to knock down walls you are fed up of hitting your head against, or you want to break free of vicious circles or you simply want to see the wood for the trees. Power Groups are the place to listen to learn and learn to listen.

Power Groups are suitable for Parents, Teachers and Business owners who want peer support without peer pressure.

A safe space to be yourself and discover yourself


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