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You should you keep your personal life at home when you go to work? True or False

In my opinion it is pointless to keep them separate, in fact  it is impossible. You are you and part of both worlds so there cannot be a separate. It is a joke that anyone says we should or could. … Continue reading

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The Five Ps? (or how to focus on performing at your best this Friday …)

Perform at your best?  On a Friday?  Goodness!  But don’t fear (yesterday’s blog!) as Step by Step’s team member Allison shares with us her Five Ps for performing at her best! Your comments on your Five Ps (or any letter … Continue reading

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Are you really growing your business on firm foundations?

One of the hardest parts of growing a business is the many transitional periods that you will find yourself moving through. At the start you have to wear every hat possible and attempt to learn many new skills. You often … Continue reading

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When is staff room chatter good for business?

In our busy lives we have email, text and social media to communicate now, it would seem the human thing of talking and listening to another human being has almost gone out of the window in a typical working day. In fact you … Continue reading

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Sales up by 81% this year, are you listening?

As Formula 1 Grand Prix comes to an end, they will reflect back on the ups and down of the season. Sebastian Vettel wins the championship I smiled, he always kept trying even though he had never once seemed to be a … Continue reading

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