Engines are ready and I cant wait to take off

An interview with Ros Bristow a client for 6 months who is now training to be a Clean Language facilitator,, I asked when working with Step by Step Listening over the past 6 months that has been like what.

Ros said, “When I met you I felt like I a jumbo jet stuck taxiing on the runway. Although I am still on the runway, Step by Step Listening  helped me establish my flight plan, check all the engines, learn how all the controls work and now I feel ready to start the engines and take off.

Business is a bit like flying a jumbo jet and it is easier with a clear mind and support

It has been a joy to have a programme that acknowledges that every part of my life is relevant to my business. To be able to work on whatever section of my life seemed to need it at the time, trusting that it is all related and does affect my business.

As Brian Tracey says   “ everything counts”.

I have been able to pull together thoughts and passions that have been with me for years and put them into a strong and viable business plan that now has a structure that has attracted partners and fellow workers.

I now feel more confident and more credible as a business person. I can now work with colleagues and develop a team of co workers with a clear vision for my business.

The Clean Language Process used will get you to the places that will make the difference to your business if you are ready and willing to work with it.

Sheryl is an inspiration, having developed a unique model of business that demonstrate her belief, not only in the process but also the people who choose to trust and believe in the process. Her programme enables people to help themselves and each other eventually making her redundant and the community self-sufficient.”

Ros Bristow, Family Specialist at Step by Step Listening

If you would like to experience this process we are offering a free taster session on

28th June 2011 9am to 5pm

Power Group Experience 1pm to 2pm.

Email sheryl@stepbysteplistening.com

Subject header. Taster sessions 28th June 2011.

Thank you for listening



About Step by Step Listening

I am the founder of Step by Step Listening and we started as a company that eradicated fear of failure and guilt for mums, we coached mums and daughters, we then worked with sole trader and small business owners and over the years we developed a unique ability to help people create the family or business they desire by being able to tap into the resource of being able to sell ideas/prodcuts/visions/services in a way that feels right and gets results. For some they are learning to sell and idea to themselves perhaps a dream or an ambition they have had for years, for others it could be selling responsibility and independence to a teenager or perhaps selling a vision or a change of structure to a team. What ever it is we use unique a unique facilitation and group process to help you discover when you are selling in a way that feels right that's like what?
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