Are you going the extra mile?

One thing that is certain, in this present climate you certainly have to show your clients that you value them. You have to be prepared to go the extra mile.

How is that possible? When you potentially you are already time poor and probably financially stretched. First thing I would suggest you do is really listen to what your client is expecting.

How do you know what they expect?

This is one of the biggest things that can help your business grow and can hold your business back.

Are you asking enough questions?

Do you really understand your clients wants/needs/expectations?

One of the fundamentals about being a Clean Language facilitator is to operate from a place of “no assumptions”.This has time and time again helped me to improve customer service and exceed customer satisfaction.

Imagine if I were looking for a new car and I approached a car salesmen and said just that. ” I would like a new car”.

If he immediately brought out a list of potential cars that were brand new and what I meant was new to me.

How much time is wasted?

What happens to rapport?

The client can feels like you have shown them the car “you want to sell not what they want to buy”

Then what happens to sales?

As it is fantastic Friday I thought I would share an email from one of my clients today:

Thank you Sheryl, very much. I just want you to know that I am noticing the extra mile you go, on so many occasions for me and I want you to know that it is those actions that are encouraging me to step up my game and get myself onto a business platform. I am very grateful to you for doing that because I know you don’t have to- it is taking me into the outer edges of my stretch zone …. Clean is a fantastic tool, but your approach to business is what has made the difference to me coming along or not. Thank you.

The email went on to say can I bring a friend to your next event to introduce her to you please.

Do I still think it pays to take time to listen to people? Yep!!

What needs to happen for you hear what they are actually saying not what you hope they are saying?

Please do share your thoughts below.

Thank you for listening


About Step by Step Listening

I am the founder of Step by Step Listening and we started as a company that eradicated fear of failure and guilt for mums, we coached mums and daughters, we then worked with sole trader and small business owners and over the years we developed a unique ability to help people create the family or business they desire by being able to tap into the resource of being able to sell ideas/prodcuts/visions/services in a way that feels right and gets results. For some they are learning to sell and idea to themselves perhaps a dream or an ambition they have had for years, for others it could be selling responsibility and independence to a teenager or perhaps selling a vision or a change of structure to a team. What ever it is we use unique a unique facilitation and group process to help you discover when you are selling in a way that feels right that's like what?
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