Do you love what you do?


I attended a family party on the 5 February 2011. I was very honoured and very privileged to join my Auntie Julia(my mum’s sister) to celebrate the fact that she had been nominated for an MBE for her services in the Welsh NHS.

Auntie Julia stood up and read out her speech, followed by her best friend and work colleague of 30 plus years. I sat there in amazement at the things that she has achieved and the difference that she has made in people’s lives. Julia was receiving an MBE for her contribution to the NHS in Wales but as she talked and the room responded you soon began to realise the difference this one women had made. She by her own confession, admits she did not do it alone and had support along the way, but she had been a major factor in so many people’s lives.

I was sat there with a surreal feeling, I remember on more than one occasion sat at friends and/or family funerals as people talked of the person that we had lost. Of the things they had achieved, the difference they had made and often I would sit there bewildered thinking  I did not realise they were so involved with the community or whatever it was. And yet here I was hearing all these great things and I could hug her and say well done, or I never knew that or I am so proud of you. It was the most amazing night and I was spending it with a 100 plus people sharing with her, the life that she has had. 

So what has this got to do with my blog about business support I hear you say, well
Step by Step Listening is about building in those celebrations now and not leaving it until it is too late.  In every session that we run we focus on what is going well,your strengths and your skills. Helping you enhance and develop them, ensuring you notice them.  

One of the opportunities, if you are a woman in business, is to attend the Hampshire Winning Business Awards and if you follow this link ,you can register now.  

Happy Valentines Day Love yourself and your business celebrate the small steps as well as the giant leaps.

Thank you for listening



About Step by Step Listening

I am the founder of Step by Step Listening and we started as a company that eradicated fear of failure and guilt for mums, we coached mums and daughters, we then worked with sole trader and small business owners and over the years we developed a unique ability to help people create the family or business they desire by being able to tap into the resource of being able to sell ideas/prodcuts/visions/services in a way that feels right and gets results. For some they are learning to sell and idea to themselves perhaps a dream or an ambition they have had for years, for others it could be selling responsibility and independence to a teenager or perhaps selling a vision or a change of structure to a team. What ever it is we use unique a unique facilitation and group process to help you discover when you are selling in a way that feels right that's like what?
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