week 2 are you on track to earn more in 12 weeks?

Week 2 of our 12 week to double our customers and reduce our marketing

Mondays: Admin day – Contact and Connect

What we hope through this blog you will notice is that what started as a quite natural process when we had 3 or 4 customers, is now having to be defined into a system. We don’t want our customers reading this to think it is contrived or anything but sincere. However there is some logic behind our approach. We listen to our clients and we deliver what they want. When what they want is more of our services that is win-win for us and them. When it a service we don’t offer we recommend or refer and again it is win-win for our contacts and us. Our customers get what they want right now.

And so long as we have a happy client we have a client is our thought.

 It was easy to do that with lower numbers, now that the business is growing we do have to be selective and have a system. Lets face it we are human and sometimes we have not kept in touch as much as we would have liked.

Do you have customers you have not contacted for ages?

Do you have a relative you love very much but you have not seen for 6 months?

Then you get my point we get busy like everyone and people that are very important to us in our lives/business do slip through the net. So you have to have a safety net behind making sure no one ever feels neglected or not of worth to YOU.

Big task YES!!  But worth it, most definitely. Systems like this keep you on track, they keep it fair and they make it easy to measure.

So what is the system, so far it is this and it will be tweaked and improved as we use it. Let’s see what happens:

1. All customers/or potential clients (e.g. website registration) that contact us direct are given the highest priority and we aim to respond within 2 working days and we often exceed that. So the first thing we did was to answer all emails and answer phone messages that we received over the holidays.

2. Then as we had had a month off it was important to touch base with as many people as possible, so we emailed our entire database with an update and welcome back email inviting customers to tell us about their summer, sharing this blog and asking customers to complete a brief survey. If you would like a copy of this email and future ones to be able to learn from the content  please register on our website, you will also receive our Free report on the questions that make a difference.

Our objective always is to be genuinely interested, to know how our clients and potential clients are doing in their life right now and what they would like to have happen. Thank you for those that let us know, sorry for those that had a pants summer, and huge thank you for those who shared holiday snaps and gave us beautiful details of the great times you had with your families in the sun. We love to hear all about you and the things that matter to you.

3. Update website spent the whole afternoon writing the new pages for my husband to up load only to decide I hated it later. Realising, that I don’t want to waste time up dating my old site and want my new site yesterday. But I did take on board Tasty Marketing tips to get the brand clear. We had heard Tricia say this before at a local networking event and had made an attempt to keep everything green black or white but we had omitted to keep the font and colours in our emails consisted with our website. We did this for a few days and decided that for this to happen the font on our website had to be darker and bigger our emails were awful to read this week, too pale and too small. (sorry about that but we had to try lol)

4. While I did that Helen contacted by email, text and phoned all our clients who have appointments over the next 3 weeks. We did have one cancel and one re arrange. All others are as excited as us, about the pre booked sessions. We found out a bit more information that will ensure that we can respond more effectively when we provide the service they requested.

Monday was one of the longer days 6am to 7pm but it felt great to:

  • Touch base with so many people.
  • To be clear about the appointments that was in my diary.
  • To know what I did not want on the website even if what I want was a little fuzzy.
  • Power walk lunch time.


Appointment day, a day dedicated to seeing and working with our clients.

9am – 1 hr Enquiry call first thing I listened, and listened and asked questions. I am pleased to say that person has now booked for a one day workshop and wants to invite 10 others to set up private sessions tailored for them in the future. This has been noted and we will follow up the other requests after the workshop. This enquiry came about because I over heard a conversation in a networking event. I called the person and said I would love to know more and it might be that our services could help. This person was moving, we listened and made arrangements to call after the holiday. So this was not instant but it was what the client wanted.

Let’s be clear this is not nagging, this is not hassling, this is what our client wants and we know like us our clients are busy. That is why we ask when and how they would like us to follow up or support them in making things happen. We listen and do what they want not what we want. As much as is humanly possible.

We care enough to make the call when asked and deliver a professional service that will enable her to motivate others.  

Do you ever hear someone say they are interested in your services and then not act? If yes, what would you like to have happen?

Do you ask your clients what they would like to have happen by means of a follow up? Or do you just randomly hope they will call you?

If they say they will call you do you leave it?

There is a question that can help here. When you are really busy and you really want to do this, and you have put it off for years, what needs to happen for you to call me? (This is assuming that the bold words are exactly what the client has already told you)

You see by the end of this short checking out you will either know exactly when and how your client will call you. You can then diarise to expect that call. If they don’t call what is wrong with checking they are ok and catching up with them. You will have helped your client achieve “their goal” not yours, the sale is a bonus that their goal is to buy from you this time. But if your call and your listening means they realise your product or service is not what they want right now.  You both know and understand. The client feels heard and understood.

We know in the past we have done this and for the next 12 weeks and onwards our focus is to set up a system so we don’t let people down.

11am to 1pm – I did my volunteer slot at the Haven Children Centre, it was great to work with the young mums. They are so keen to give their children a better start than they had. Some don’t even know what tools they need but they meet and they learn. We did our first listening session. They found it hard but did say they want more. (and one young mum has booked to do the Listening skills workshop, I have offered it heavily subsidised but she has so much potential to become a great listener/mentor/young leader for groups like these young parents it will be worth it to see her blossom)

4pm – I met with Trudy, funny how this appointment came about. Trudy called me to generally catch up during the holidays and I called her back last week. Trudy and I had met networking sometime ago, she had let me trial her Arbonne Range and wanted to “just catch up”. She was excited about her new job and we chatted. Well it turned out that her new job was just what I was looking for a website design company that build with no upfront costs,  that have a monthly premium and an account manager (Trudy who I know and trust because we both took time to get to know each other).  This account manager “Trudy” will call me and ask me how I am regularly and check that my website is current and reflects my business at the time. An Account manager, who will be interested in my business, interested in me and ask how it is going and will update my website as often as I like for that premium.

Now you can imagine how pleased I was when I heard this because I am always calling people checking they are ok. This is exactly how we look after our customers and I found a website company operating under the same principles. You see I do know a lot of people but when it comes to business for me I do want a company that will make it as easy as possible for me to buy what I want.

e.g. Listen and meet my needs in simple terms, without me trying to convince them how I want it. So you want to know who this new up and company are they are yes can do. It says it on the can. Now Trudy and Steve are great sales people and that can be the biggest problem with people in business. Some people feel that selling is pushy or a nuisance to people. But how is providing them with something they wanted tailored absolutely to their needs by listening and say “yes can do” a bad thing.

How often to you say sorry we don’t do that, without thinking first what would need to happen for that to happen?

You see ‘Yes Can do’ is a new company and they started doing 3 page websites for small businesses like carpenters/plumbers etc, who don’t need or want a lot of changes. Their present reputation is build on delivering the website in just 3 weeks and they are great websites. One they built was for Waterbox, so I called him and he is overwhelmed with the increased number of enquiries and he even found an internet cafe to email this response because unknown to me I had left a message on his mobile while he was on holiday abroad, thanks Andrew Yaktub for such dedication to let me know.

But you see my company is different and I will want regular updates etc, so I wanted something in writing a customer promise and Trudy has simple said leave it with me. And I have and guess what I do believe they will come back with what I want because they listened and asked ok what needs to happen for that to happen?

 As this is a long blog and we are only on Tuesday this is another example of success from listening then we will update you on Monday with the actual facts are we earning/generating more income this month than last month?

A Step by Step example:

This week a client fed back that she would prefer parent only listening skills workshop and not to mix business with pleasure. Another said they would have to have the right people in the room to feel safe to open up and learn.

Now I could say well we do mixed sessions and it is luck of the draw who turns up. Just for the record I didn’t and we are planning parent only session for November, and the person wanting a safe space I have explained who is coming and will keep in touch until that person is sure they will feel safe. And if there is any doubt I will ask them to take a leap of faith and come and if they don’t feel safe, give them a complete refund. Or this person could collect up 7 friends and we arrange a personal session for her with people she already knows. You see there is always a way.

Just because I don’t have the product now in black and white does not mean we could not adapt our existing programmes

Are you listening?

Are you asking your clients the right questions?

Are you asking yourself the right questions?

Wow and that is only Tuesday. I think that is probably enough information for one blog but if you want to know more about:

  • How we follow up after networking events building relationships and securing business for us and others
  • The Hard facts, as we total the results on Monday so far this month and review our systems

 Have a wonderful week end and thanks for listening.

Please do share below your comments, tell me what you know now, that you maybe did not know before you read this or perhaps it was just a reminder.

Love to listen Sheryl


About Step by Step Listening

I am the founder of Step by Step Listening and we started as a company that eradicated fear of failure and guilt for mums, we coached mums and daughters, we then worked with sole trader and small business owners and over the years we developed a unique ability to help people create the family or business they desire by being able to tap into the resource of being able to sell ideas/prodcuts/visions/services in a way that feels right and gets results. For some they are learning to sell and idea to themselves perhaps a dream or an ambition they have had for years, for others it could be selling responsibility and independence to a teenager or perhaps selling a vision or a change of structure to a team. What ever it is we use unique a unique facilitation and group process to help you discover when you are selling in a way that feels right that's like what?
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